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Tip #1
Know Where Your Business Is Going

Trafficdeveloper offers reporting software to all of our web marketing clients, using Google Analytics, to highlight your web traffic, keyword popularity, conversions, and much more. We have the ability to make these reports simple or complex- depending on the needs of your business.

Start a marketing campaign that:

> Identifies the baseline of your web presence.

> Tracks the progress of your marketing efforts.

> Offers meaningful and valuable suggestions.

> Lends insight into your customers behavior.

> Boosts web traffic and sales.

> Tracks the return on your $$ investment.

> GROWS YOUR BUSINESS- both online and off-line.

Information about your web traffic is somewhat interesting to some, but unless you know what to do with the information, it is simply statistics.

Trafficdeveloper studies your website traffic details, analyzing them in real ways that help your business. We evaluate:

> the search terms people are using to find you.
> the number of search engine referrals.
> referrals from other sites.
> search engine rankings.
> number of visitors per page.
> link popularity.
and much more.....


We use this information to evaluate our marketing efforts and the behavior of those who visit your site. We provide to you a clear analysis of your target market, competition, and the effectiveness of all the pages on your website. We then suggest and implement improvements or strategies to boost your presence and conversions.

Search Engine Rankings
THE RESULTS ARE IN...Are you in the top 10?
Clearly one of the most important measurements of success to any SEO campaign is your website ranking on search engines.
> 85% of computer users use search engines. Only 7% of website users search past the second page on any given search term.

> Most Trafficdeveloper clients enjoy top five rankings for their
search terms.

> We consistently hand-check your search engine rankings. There is a lot of valuable information when evaluating rankings- we not only look for your site, we evaluate your competitiors.

Link Popularity and Link Requests


Easier than high school? Maybe..... The greater number of quality websites that add a link to your website, the better search engine rankings you will enjoy.

Link popularity is a measure of how many sites are linking back TO your site. Link popularity needs to continually increase in order to continue your march up the rankings.

Trafficdeveloper researches and requests quality, relevant links each month as part of our SEO program. Link requests are tracked in our monthly reporting tool, and will be followed up on by our linkbot (coming soon), a technology we have designed to find out if and when a link we requested has been added back to your site.

Continued link building and measurement of the results are vital to attain and keep your website rankings.

Referral Traffic Details


Do other sites refer customers to your site?
Referral traffic is an important indicator of how well your website is linked to others.

Trafficdeveloper closely evaluates the traffic our clients receive from other sites to see:

> which sites are sending the most traffic.

> are there sites that are sending you traffic that may be harmful to your campaign?

> is there a particular site that is working well for one of our clients that may also work well for you?

> should we boost up a presence on a site that sends lots of traffic your way?

> are the link requests or paid advertisements working?

Trafficdeveloper has years of link building research and link request experience to get your referral traffic off to a good start. Let us help you identify the best places to build traffic to your site from the many quality sites on the web.