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The advantage of having one trustworthy, honest and responsive company to handle all internet, business marketing, and computer needs has proven invaluable to our clients and it will for you too.

Trafficdeveloper® was formed in 2000 as a search engine optimization company.
Chris Kramer, the owner and President started marketing websites in 1996 when he was part of another web development company, Symtezzi. As Symtezzi was building websites, his job evolved as the answer to the basic question of how websites were to be found online once they were built. This was before Google existed, when Yahoo was the king of search. Chris is one of the pioneers in the field of search engine optimization and website marketing.

Starting in 1999, he began to take on his own SEO clients and in 2001, upon the demise of Symtezzi, he started Trafficdeveloper. He quickly became too busy to complete all the tasks of website marketing and trained his wife, and business partner in the art of link building, which has now evolved to online public relations.

Trafficdeveloper has since evolved into a one-stop-shop-and the only full-service web development company that is entirely committed to making your business successful. Again, the decision to offer full web development services was an answer to a prevalent problem. Often times people would come to us with brand new sites which were not built in a search engine friendly manner and clients ended up needing to revamp their entire sites to make them perform. This was frustrating for the client, and for us.

So, in addition to website marketing, we also offer all web development services from hosting and web design to e-commerce and software development. These tasks are handled by our team of veteran web developers, all formally trained with 15+ years in experience in the field.


> Chris Kramer, Project Management/Audience Development/SEO guru

A pioneer, like many on theTrafficdeveloper team, Chris has been marketing websites on the Internet since 1996. He has repeatedly achieved top ten rankings on major search engines for competitive keywords across multiple industries. Chris contributes to marketing consulting, search engine optimization and general website promotion offerings and deploys wordsmithing, behavioral science, research, organization, systems administration, statistical analysis, and psychology toward these ends.


> Lori Pearson, Linking and Copywriting, Project Management/COO

We carefully research and craft page titles and description tags allowing each page of your site to rank highly for it's content. Without them, you will be relagated to the bottom of the results, with no hope of appearing in the top 30. We take great care in writing these tags to benefit each and every page of your website. With over nine years experience, we know what works and what doesn't.

Kerry Gras-Usry
, Senior Programmer

Kerry has completed many complex programming projects with Trafficdeveloper, including major work for the Christie's Great Estates websites and extranet.He is an experienced LAMP developer of 10+ years, specializing in the latest open source technologies and MVC frameworks. He is devoted to delivering the cross-platform standards compliant HTML5/CSS to make our web pages maintainable and speedy. Mr. Usry has been working with us since 1997.
Mike T.
, Programmer

Mike has over 6 years experience in PHP and AJAX solutions. He built our application from scratch. Mike currently works on various client sites as well as our own Trafficdeveloper projects. Mike has been with us for over 5 years.

Janine Pearson-Blose
, Creative Director

Janine is an award winning web designer with over 12 years experience designing and developing websites. With a degree in graphic arts from SUNY New Paltz, Ms. Pearson is adept at creating design interfaces that exceed expectations. Her Porfolio is available here: Mrs. Pearson Blose has been working with Trafficdeveloper since 1997.

Jessica Santa-Cruz
, Art Director

Jessica is an award winning designer that has been designing and producing websites for over ten years. She too has a BA Cum Laude from SUNY New Paltz in Graphic Design. Since graduation Jessica has immersed herself in the career of building sites. Her designs merge the aesthetically beautiful with the functionally sound in order to provide our cients with a product that is an integral part of their business. She is currently based in Miami, FL. Portfolio is available here: Mrs. Santa-Cruz has been working with us since 1999.

Oban Lambie
, Systems Administrator

Oban brings substantial knowledge in application and data integration, mining and management. In addition, Oban’s core competencies include Systems analysis and management, E-Commerce and Internet, Linux and Open Source solutions. Oban helps out with our dedicated webserver, which is now home to over 140 website hosting clients. We have been working with Oban since 1999, via his affiliation with Panorama Point. Oban Is based in Taos, NM where he operates his company - Brownrice Internet.

Joe Dalessandro
, Commercial Photographer

Most recently the photographer for Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, Joe is an experienced, talented digital photographer, currently residing in Maui, Hawaii. He is happy to come to “the states” at any time for projects. View his work at

Kuenn, PPC Expert

Site Pro Specialties founder, Al Kuenn, has been successfully managing online advertising campaigns since 2001. He is considered by many to be a PPC Guru and an AdWords Expert. In addition to being a certified Google Advertising Professional, Al is an experienced Bing PPC Campaign manager, and is also successfully managing a number of Facebook advertising campaigns. In fact, Site Pro Specialties is proud to be a Facebook Beta Test partner. Mr. Kuenn is a PMI Certified Project Manager and has a Marketing Degree from the University of Toledo. Al has been successfully working in the Information Technology business since 1985.

Michael Odza
, Linkbuilding / Social Media

With over 10 years of Internet experience in the strategy, development and execution of Social network/online communities. Mike is also a conference / workshop planner and speaker, has worked with content management system development, and other online marketing strategies. He published his first website in 1994 complete with e-commerce and has been successful envisioning, directing and executing onine strategies for business, marketing, and advertising sales. Mike has been involved with numerous industries including: newspapers; technology transfer from research to biotech/pharma, software, electronics, alternative energy, etc.; retail electronics; MTV, Movie Channel, Nickelodeon, Showtime; book publishing.

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