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Tip #5
A Little Linking Goes a Long Way.

Link Building helps build credibility for your website. A good number of high-quality, relevant links to your site establishes your business as an authority in your field.

A link is essentially a recommendation- a testimonial from another website that says that your site is worth looking at, has valuable information, and is a good resource.

Before search engines came into being, having a link to your site from another website was the only way to get your site found on the web. People linked to websites with similar or related information.

Today, people (and search engines) still hold links in high regard. Links help us to find exactly what we are looking for and help search engines to better categorize your website.

Trafficdeveloper includes link building as an ongoing part of our search marketing services. To us, link building is an ethical practice- requiring discrimination, diligence, imagination, and follow-through. The links we obtain for your site are hand chosen, of the highest quality, providing lasting returns and steadily increasing website traffic.


There are many types of links. One-way links, when a website adds a link to your website expecting nothing in return. Reciprocal links, an agreement to exchange links with another website. Paid links, where you pay a fee for a listing on a site, and Paid Advertising, where the link to your site is paid for, and perhaps more robust (a banner ad or more visual advertising). You can also gain links through blogging, commenting on blogs, posting on forums, and much more....


In the last several years, a new area of link building has emerged which now falls under the umbrella called social network marketing. Getting your site involved in these social networks is another way of building exposure and branding for your company. We have been dabbling in social network marketing for at least two years and have made it a integral part of our online marketing efforts for the last year. We have extensive experience with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Foursquare, and the many other social networks online.

Keyword Analysis


If your keywords and phrases are correctly chosen, you will find yourself in front of the EXACT audience you seek. There is no better lead than that!

Keywords and key phrases are the building blocks of your search engine marketing campaign- always!

The copy on your site should always be written for your visitors first, but correctly worded sentences that manage to throw in some good keyword phrases will help with your search engine rankings.

Finding out what words people use to find goods/services like yours is of paramount importance and is the first step we perform in all of our search engine optimization campaigns.

Trafficdeveloper performs extensive keyword analysis using several tools. Once a list is compiled, we create a rich description of your services to be used when link building, and incorporate the phrases into the copy of the site to boost your rankings.

Call us today to get started with your keyword analysis.

Link Library


Because we have been link building for clients for over 14 years, we have many, many sites that we know perform for our clients. If you don't want a full-fledged SEO campaign, we can at least do your link building for you.

We do not outsource our link-building overseas, and our chief link builder holds a Bachelors degree from Harvard, and is an eager life-long learner who attempts to understand each client, their mission, and their business on the deepest level.

We believe that excellent communication and writing skills and a great command of keyword manipulation, search engine copywriting, and other SEO practices are essential to good link building.

As link building has evolved in to more of an exercise in public relations, excellent communication skills, and the ability to clearly express a company's mission are becoming even more essential.