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Tip #6
The latest in search marketing.

It's rarely enough to just do traditional search marketing and stay truly competitive. New ways to market your business online are emerging all the time. Are you on top of the trends?
To keep your site on top, it is imperative to partner with a company that practices diligence, reads and researches, tries new strategies, and keeps up with the technology.

Trafficdeveloper has assembled a team with skills, experience and a thirst for knowledge. We stay up to date on the latest developments in the search marketing world in order to keep your rankings on top.

In recent years many new technologies have emerged that help with search marketing efforts. Some are still not proven, but others, like blogs, RSS feeds, and press release marketing are winners and have become a regular part of client campaigns.

We encourage our clients to think dynamically and try untraditional avenues. When you hire Trafficdeveloper for your online marketing campaign, you will be kept abreast of the latest ideas and innovations in the world of search marketing.

DIRECT EMAIL MARKETING - Proven to Be One of the Most Effective Online Marketing Techniques
Generate business from existing customers with direct marketing through email.

A permission based email list opens up a lot of possibilities for direct marketing. You build the list, and then begin informing your customers about specials, information, and reminders.

It is essential to continue building the relationship with someone who has freely given you their contact information, as they are the best source for conversions.


Sending out offers and information available only through the email newsletter puts a premium on that offer, which then creates more incentive on the part of the visitor to take advantage of that offer.

Trafficdeveloper can help you start compiling your list, design a compelling email, and get it out to your contacts in such a way that would NEVER be considered SPAM.

Press Release Marketing
FEED ME! Spread your news to the world by taking advantage of online syndication.
RSS feeds are a file format used to syndicate news and the content of news-like sites. So, if you submit a press release, chances are it will be picked up by someone who is interested in articles about happenings in your industry. This is a great way to build links to your site.   Trafficdeveloper has been assisting clients in the writing and publishing of online press releases for several years. Let us help you get your news out to the world!


Online media buys can be excellent traffic builders if chosen wisely. They must have great rankings and the right audience demographic.

There are many sites out there that are industry-specific, with incredibly high rankings and great traffic.

Trafficdeveloper can help you identify the best websites to advertise on whether it's for branding purposes or building traffic to your site. We have worked with clients from hundreds of industries and are familiar with the sites that provide good value.



Youth + Advertising = PEAS IN A POD.
Do you need to reach the audience that is always tuned out on their iPods? Well, duh!

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and the next big thing. We can help with all of them. Social sites are all great channels to develop new business. But each one has its' own nuances. We can help teach you how to understand those nuances, and guide you in the best way forward for all your social media marketing efforts.

Contact us today to learn about Social Media Marketing and our other innovative online advertising and marketing ideas.


Blog your way to riches!
Referral traffic is an important indicator of how well your website is linked to others.

A blog is an online journal or newsletter that is written by the owner or staff of a website. After it is written, it is instantly available for public consumption on the web. Blogs help keep your website content up-to-date.

Dynamic content on a website:
> encourages search engine spiders to return.
> guarantees humans will return.

Blogs are great ways to keep your content fresh and interesting. It can also boost rankings and generate links.

RSS & CONTENT SYNDICATION - Content the Easy Way

RSS feeds allow you to grab news and blogs from other websites to publish on your site. It is an easy way to generate new content to your website.

Trafficdeveloper can set up a RSS feed to keep your content fresh.

Let us help you set up blogs and feeds on your site to keep things new and exciting!

Trafficdeveloper has years of link building research and link request experience to get your referral traffic off to a good start. Let us help you identify the best places to build traffic to your site from the many quality sites on the web.