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Tip #10
Client: Altermann Modern
Details: Sophisticated Look & Database of Modern Art
Our task was to take the well-established brand of Altermann Galleries & Auctioneers, long since known as a premier gallery and auction house for American western and Indian art, and created a subsidiary brand in order to market their new venture into the world of modern and contemporary art. Read more...

Client: Design Warehouse of Santa Fe
Details: Widely Acclaimed Design & Profitable E-Commerce
Design Warehouse is one of our favorite projects. It has been so widely acclaimed that it has even been nominated for a Webby. When we first met, Design Warehouse was a twenty-five year old retail specialty store in Santa Fe wanting to expand their business to the Internet.


Client: Team Builders Counseling Services, Inc.
Details: Information HUB for Partners across New Mexico
This site was challenging because it needed to accomplish three major goals. First it had to market the services of TeamBuilders and its subsidiary clinics in multiple locations throughout New Mexico. Secondly, it needed to serve as an information hub for clients, clinicians, and associated partners. Read more...

: New Territory Leathers
Details: Successful Marketing Campaign.
New Territory Leathers is a 3rd generation site for us, meaning, we have designed and built it now for the 3rd time. . This client has been marketing with us for about five years. Read more...

Client: Quail Run Santa Fe
Details: Expanded Market Presence & Extensive Intranet
Quail Run is a premier, lifestyle and residential community that includes a world-class golf course along with many other amenities. They needed to accomplish two major goals with a site re-design. First, they wanted to expand the market presence of the services and amenities that the Quail Run community provides to its homeowners and members. Read more...


Client: St. Clair Properties
Details: Fresh Look & Postive Results in SEO Marketing
Suzy needed a fresh new presence on the web from which to market her client’s listings of for sale and for rent properties. Read more...