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Here is what our clients are saying about us. We also have a list of clients with whom we are currently working. Call us today to find out how you can rank higher on search engines and have a beautiful website - at the same time!

"At Desert Academy, we knew we needed to do a better job of telling our story to the public - and that our website was the place to start. But beyond that, we were lost. Then, along came Chris Kramer and wizards at Traffic Developer, and voila - we have a website that exceeds our wildest dreams! It's beautiful, elegantly functional, and truly reflective of who we are.

Chris and his staff have captured our essence and created a web presence of which we are so proud. Then, to top it all off, they have trained us on how to keep the site "alive," by keeping content fresh and vibrant. Traffic Developer makes a monumental job seem easy, and their ability to intuit and respond to a client's needs is simply astonishing."

Leslie Livingston, Executive Director of Operations

"I own a teacher training course in Prague, Czech Republic where most of our students/customers come from the States. Most of our customers reach us and sign up for courses via our website. That being said, a well designed website with solid SEO features is life or death for our school. I met with many designers in New Mexico before meeting with Chris Kramer at Trafficdeveloper. The price for the site was a bit more than I had budgeted on, but I was willing to work with Chris and his team because he seemed to be the best around.

I cannot tell you how happy I have been through the design process up to the final product. I now own a magnificent piece of marketing, designed by Jessica Santa-Cruz, that conveys precisely what I want to my customers and demonstrates exactly who we are as a school and community. 

I cannot be any happier with site and the work ethic that both Chris and Jessica showed through the process is truly commendable. If you want something unique. If you want something that stands out visually but is still functional.  If you want something that will give you an edge over your competitors... Look no further than Trafficdeveloper."
Chris Westergaard, Founder & Director

"I just wanted to thank you for your work. The site looks great, and the framework will allow us grow."
Dan Kane, Founder & CEO

"While I wish we found Chris, Lori, and their team months ago, it was only after working with another company (that didn’t answer our questions and gave us suggestions that we didn’t agree with) did we truly realize what a find we had with Trafficdeveloper. Not only do they 'speak our language', but we truly feel like they are on our team, working hard for our success."
Hilary Zalon, Founder & President

"I wanted to let you know that I receive phone calls every day about how beautiful our new website is. I have friends and colleagues and business associates who are using the site to refer properties to their friends and they are all remarking on how easy the site is to use. Some have even said that it's nicer than premier websites like the Four Seasons site and others. I thought you might like to hear some good news in these tough times."
Lisa Barker, Owner
Barker Realty, Santa Fe

"The new site does indeed look fabulous. A well deserved Thank you and Congratulations to you and your team."
David Chesterfield, Owner

"Trafficdeveloper designed a wonderful website for the Santa Fe Concert Association.  Daniel and Chris were patient and helpful in dealing with our web design committee and it is a design that we can continue to build on. The Board of Directors could not be more pleased with the site and highly recommends Trafficdeveloper. "
Jane Bagwell, President, Board of Directors
Santa Fe Concerts

"All I can say is THANK YOU! I wish that I found you guys a long time ago! Sales are continuing to do very well....Most importantly though.... profits are also up too. Thanks again for the help."
Tim Lazaroe, Owner

"This site is coming along beautifully. I am impressed with what’s been done so far - and after 20+ years of direct marketing, I don’t impress easily  :>) . You do nice work!"
Jill Fielder, Marketing Director

John & Bob's Grow Green Smart Soil Solutions


"Just wanted to be sure to tell you that I get MANY compliments on my website. The latest, “Your website was a nice surprise to find.  I will be revisiting”.  Jenna Gersbach. Thank you for all your efforts – it’s such fun working with you both!"
Suzy St. Clair, Owner

“Since we selected Trafficdeveloper to assist in our company’s website and SEO requirements our business has flourished. For us, marketing on the web has proven to be virtually the sole source of landing new clients and the significant response we have seen is due in very large part to the services provided by Trafficdeveloper. They have had great ideas about refining our website and their breadth and depth of understanding the world of search engines is impressive. They approach issues with a refreshing collaborative spirit and you can actually speak to a real live person when you call. For Archaeo Architects, the return on our investment has been more than worth it. Just as important however, the people at Trafficdeveloper are great to work with.”
Jon Dick, Owner

"Again, we appreciate a business that does customer service well, and your responsiveness means a great deal. Thanks."
Jay Underwood, Headmaster

Rio Grande School

"I am in awe of your google wizardry. You have managed to almost double my click count at almost half the price. You're a genius."
Joe D'Alessandro, Owner

"I just wanted to take a time out to compliment you on your website. In the last six months I've visited perhaps hundreds of realtor sites in a half dozen locations around the country and yours is by far the best. The organization, the design, the photography, the content, the usefullness and the vibe is unequaled by any of the others. And after nearly 40 years as a NY art director and director of photography I feel I can confidently say that I know what I'm talking about."
Tom Ridinger, speaking about the Santa Fe Realty Partners website
Hearst Corp.


"I launched my website about 5 years ago with the intention of the orders from my site providing the income I need to live off of, allowing me to forego all other forms of selling my jewelry. I wanted to stay at home, take orders from my site and then fulfill them.....truly a home business, a successful one. Shortly after launching it, I realized that the only people visiting my site, were previous customers that had purchased from me in the past and had a business card with my website on it. This became frustrating as I was only getting one order a month. I needed exposure and to get my site out there and visible and I had no idea how to do this. I'm a jeweler, not a web master! I spoke with my web designers on how to increase visits to my site and hands down they recommended Chris and Lori Kramer aka Traffic Developer. The first few months didn't provide much change, yet some. I began to get antsy about it and talked to Chris about it. He assured me that it would take some time but that I would, indeed, see an increase and not to worry. I took his word for it and relaxed. I waited patiently until about a year after we started, things really started to happen! Orders were coming in! More and more. It went from one a month to one a week and then from there, one a day! I was thrilled! it was working! The money I put into it was finally paying off! Now I'm getting multiple orders a day, not every day, but many days. I've even had a few customers say to me..."I don't know what you did to make your site more easily accessible and easier to find, but it was money well spent." More confirmation that I did the right thing and chose the best company to work with. I am so impressed with Trafficdeveloper and they have taken my site to a level I had hoped for. I'm still experiencing growth and I suspect I will for years to come. Had I not hired Chris and Lori, none of this would be happening. They have taken me so much closer to my goal of making a living solely from my website orders. I could not be more pleased and I could not recommend them more. If you want your site to grow, Trafficdeveloper is hands down, the best!"
Sarah Blaine, Owner

"Our new web site has benefited tremendously from the service provided to us by Trafficdeveloper. Thanks to their optimization efforts, it's gone from 0 to 60 in much less time than we expected. I can highly recommend them."
Andy Dudzik, Publisher

Santa Fe Reporter

"Just a word of thanks for all your hard work helping the Ski New Mexico site significantly increase its traffic and reach this ski season. The search engine optimization you've done for the site has resulted in a higher profile than has ever had and the Google and Overture campaigns you designed and managed exposed lots of potential skiers to what New Mexico has to offer. Great job."
Steve Lewis

Ski New Mexico

"Trafficdeveloper has been an extremely valuable guide and implementor to a
bunch of 50+ year old guys who didn't grow up in the computer age. They have turned our site around and helped double and even triple our monthly
visitors and exposure to world-wide audience. Thanks!"

Larry Taub

Producer - The Qatsi Trilogy

"It is with the deepest gratitude that I thank you for the wonderful website that you created for the Path of the Painted Potties effort. You were so wonderful to contact us and volunteer to do something we could never have done. It made a major difference in the number of people we were able to reach. Again, thanks for your generous assistance, muchas, muchas gracias."
Ouida MacGregor

The Path of Painted Potties


"We are extremely pleased with the design of our new websites.  The response has been excellent … sales are way up. Your monthly Clicktracks reports give the detailed analysis that we need in order to improve the performance of our websites. Thank you for your guidance in this important segment of our business."
Joan Lasker, President

ColorMetrics LLC

"I have been very satisfied working with trafficdeveloper for web design and marketing. The website has been critical to the success of my business and because the design is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye- it works well. The staff is efficient and professional and their work is excellent. "
Abby Bordner
The Birthing Tree

Thanks again for your excellent help in solving yet another issue with our server. Your expertise, professionalism and responsiveness are just the best. I was sure to let our IT people know that the issue was not what our hosting company had said, and that you were the person to figure out the real problem. Kudos to great service!!"
Mary Ramier
First National Bank

"Hello, My wife and I have lived in Santa Fe on occasion, and are considering a move there this year. I found your site, and find it beautiful and well done, so we have returned to it as the place we go to see what is happening with Santa Fe real estate. I wonder if you could email me existing and new listings? ...... Thank you for your beautiful and well designed web site, and I look forward to receiving listings from you if you can do this for us. Best Regards, "
Michael Morrison
A response one of our real estate websites received from a prospective client


Search Engine Friendly Websites
designed an
d built by Trafficdeveloper:
Farm To Table
Avila Retail
Alstate Steel
New Mexico Finance Authority
Desert Academy
TD Smith - Telluride Real Estate
Quail Run Homeowners Association
David Naylor Interiors

Desert Montessori School - Maui Wedding Planners
Caja del Rio
Loretto Chapel- Santa Fe Weddings
Borderlands Ranch St. Clair Properties (logo design too)
Santa Fe Lunch
Robert Andreotti
New Mexico Home Directory
Design Warehouse
Denman Associates
Quail Run
Skolkin Chickey
Maui Commercial Photographers
Zia Gymnastics- Santa Fe Gymnastics
MotivAgent - Seattle meeting and events planners
Southwest Florida Honor Flight
New Orleans Property Services - New Orleans real estate
Native Earth Landscaping
DERMagic Santa Fe Children Santa Fe Orthodontist Dr. Clarice Pick
Breakpointe and Coronado
Kitson Landscape Company
Susan Maycock
Archaeo Architects - Southwestern Architect
Chrysalis Salon- Santa Fe Hair Salon and Beauty Store
First Santa Fe Insurance Services
Jono Manson - Musician, Producer, Songwriter
The Language House
Wired Nation


Desert Academy - Santa Fe, New Mexico private school
ConArtists Collective (new site coming soon)

Corporate/Services SEO Clients
TD Smith - Telluride Real Estate
Archaeo Architects - Southwest Architect Firm
Santa Fe Sleep Doctor - Dr. Michael Baten
Bella Solar - Santa Fe Solar Company
Wired Nation - Managed Services, IT and Security
Trafficdeveloper - Search Engine Optimization Company
First Santa Fe Insurance Services
The Lectric Law Library
The Language House - TEFL Prague

Retail / E-Commerce SEO Clients
New Territory Leathers - Men's and Women's leather coats and jackets
Design Warehouse
Herbs Etc. - Herbal Supplements - Backup Cameras
Avila Retail

Arts/Non-Profit/Services SEO Clients
Wild Earth Guardians- Protecting endangered land and species
Borderlands Ranch - J2A Retreat Center and Black Hills Vacation Rental
Impact Personal Safety

Travel and Tourism SEO Clients
Loretto Chapel - Santa Fe weddings
Marrymemaui - Maui wedding planners
Joe Dalessandro - Maui Photographer
Tours of Santa Fe - historic Santa Fe tours
Maui Commercial Photographers
Santa Fe Children

SEO Consulting / PPC Management / Link Building
Impact Personal Safety

Hosting, Web Maintenance Clients
Second Street Brewery
Biking Across Kansas
College Of Golf
Desert Academy IB World School
Desert Montessori School

Zwarm Intelligence
Softshell Design
Constant Contact

Wired Nation

Software Development
Santa Fe Medical Group / Atrinea Health