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great rankings, better service
Tip #3
Long-lasting results and great value for your marketing dollars.

When your site enjoys high search engine rankings for the phrases people would use to find your business, you have a highly visible storefront that is open 24 hours a day.

Achieving high search engine rankings requires expertise, which costs money...but it's money well spent because:
> Your ad doesn't get thrown in the trash with the rest of the newspaper.
> The leads you generate are not by chance. They are pre-qualified -
   people that are searching for you.
> Your marketing results will be long-lasting (with diligence and commitment).
> Our services are significantly less expensive than traditional forms of
   advertising and have a longer shelf-life.
Trafficdeveloper has been marketing websites since search engines were created. We work hard to keep on top of changes and trends. Most of our clients consistently enjoy top five rankings for the words people use to find their goods and services.

We know how to get your site on top of the search engines and keep it there!


> Full marketing strategy review

> Critique of your site for any unethical
  components (i.e. hidden /stuffed
  keywords, links)

> Monthly comprehensive, search engine
  rank reports.

> Implementation of online
  advertising campaigns.

> Customized page titles and descriptions.

> Analysis of your site architecture, hosting
  and design for search engine compatibility.

> Ongoing requests for relevant, high quality
  links to your site.

> Access to a team of web professionals,
  by email, 7 days a week.

> Keyword research, suggestions
  and selection.

> Management of other traditional and
  web-based marketing campaigns.

> Professional link editor to screen
  incoming link requests.

> Professional installation of metatags.

> A site content critique for sales copy
  and keyword placement.

> Creation and maintenance of social
  network marketing campaigns.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business online.


Search Engines were created in response to this question:
Unless your potential customer knows your exact web address,
how will they find you?

As the number of sites grows (an estimated 5,000,000 web pages are added to the web everyday!), search engines continue to change their algorithms in an attempt to find the searcher the best results on the words they type in. At Trafficdeveloper, we continually read, research, and stay on top of the trends to ensure that your site always has the competitive advantage-and that your customers find you.

Getting good search engine rankings also requires strategy. Strategy is a science comprised of patience, diligence and experience. For 14 years, Trafficdeveloper has studied and practiced search engine optimization. Those of our clients who have followed our recommendations and established a commitment to their customized marketing plans have enjoyed excellent results. See testimonials and case studies.

Trust is a major issue. Many so-called "Internet Marketers" employ devious and irksome tactics that in the end don't work, turn-off customers, and prospects, and jeopardize your listings in search engines. All marketing methods used by Trafficdeveloper are in compliance with the ethical standards and guidelines outlined by the World Association of Internet Marketers (WAIM), and other professional marketing organizations.